11/5/2018 iOS 4.6.0

- Launched an all-new schedule design. Now your dates are 50% datier.

- Fixed the interactive back gesture. There hadn't been that much pointless swiping since Cousin Bert tried to steal his own car.
- We now clear grouped chat notifications after you've viewed the chat. A notification after the fact is basically just gloating.
- Removed the Delete button from player profiles for teams where player management is handled at the organization level. You know who you are.
- Fixed an issue where some users were seeing the schedule multiple times with missing games. Really the worst of both worlds.
- Fixed an issue where animations in team setup weren't animating, which is really the one job of an animation.
- Fixed a bug where some users couldn't scroll to the Log Out button on small screens. That just made us seem clingy.
- Added a screen to better explain the Availability feature, for people who still haven't experienced this slice of awesomeness.
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