Set Up WePay for Team Payments

This article is for Team Administrators and covers the setup of a team-level WePay account in the mobile app.

Note: Payments for teams is available through the TeamSnap mobile app for users in the US and Canada only.

The team Payments tab allows team owners to create invoice items that roster members can pay online. If you've used the Payments tab in the past, you may also see our Classic Payments tab within your team site. Benefits of switching to the new Payments feature sooner rather than later include:

  • Get paid faster, safer, and easier than cash or check payments when you utilize the Payments tab + WePay to accept payments online!
  • Lower fees than PayPal (used in Classic Payments) for most users. The fees to pay an online invoice through WePay are 2.99% plus .99 cents per transaction. These fees are charged to the person paying the invoice. There is no charge to the team owner. 
  • Convenient mobile payment submission for your roster members.
  • Email alerts that payment is due.
  • Mobile in-app notifications that payment is due.
  • Payments can be assigned to all or select members.
  • No additional action needed when Classic Payments is phased out Spring 2019.

Set Up WePay Account

Note: Required for teams on Free and Trial plans. Once the steps in this section have been finished, Free and Trial plan teams are not required to continue through the "Optional: Complete WePay Account Setup" section below) in order to utilize the invoice and payment tracking functionality. Check out Manage Team Payments and Invoices to learn more!
  1. Open mobile app
  2. Tap hamburger menu (Android) or ...More (iOS)
  3. Tap Payments
  5. Enter/confirm WePay Account fields
  7. You will be returned to the Payments screen
iOS Android

From here you can move on to creating invoices if you prefer to use the Payments tab only for tracking offline payments, or finish setting up your WePay account using the steps below if you'd like to accept payments online via credit card.

Optional: Complete WePay Account Setup

  1. Open mobile app
  2. Tap hamburger menu (Android) or ...More (iOS)
  3. Tap Payments
  4. Tap GO (Android) or > (iOS) on the WePay: Action Required notice
  6.  Create your WePay account or log into existing
    1. Tap Sign up to create a new account 
      1. Enter new account information
      2. Tap Sign Up
    2. Enter login credentials to log into existing Wepay account 
      1. Tap Log In
  7. Tap the notices at the top of the page to complete account setup:
    1. Tap Action is needed to complete your account. Update your personal information.
      1. Select account type
        1. Sole Proprietor: Education
        2. Individual: Charity & social services
        3. Business: Education
        4. Nonprofit: Charity & social services
        5. Trust: Charity & social services
        6. Government: Government
      2. Select your industry category
        1. Select industry type
      3. Complete the required fields about yourself
      4. Tap Submit
      5. You will automatically be taken to the add settlement details for adding a bank account screen (step 7b.a.a)
    2. Tap You must add a bank account. Update your settlement bank information.
      1. Optional: Tap Add bank account to set up automatic electronic settlements 
        1. Complete bank account details
        2. Select settlement transfer period
        3. Tap Add Bank
      2. Optional: Tap Set up recurring settlements by check to receive paper settlement checks via mail
        1. Enter address for where to send the paper check
        2. Select settlement transfer period
        3. Tap Save

From here you can move on to creating invoices, or if you've already done that, you are all set to collect payments.

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