Account Profile and Contact Information

The Account Profile and Contact Information section is a master record of all your personal contact information, which can then be used for all of the organizations to which you belong (teams, clubs, leagues, tournaments, etc).

Learn how to update your account information.

Details saved here will be the default information for you everywhere on TeamSnap. Did you move? Get a new phone number? Get married and change your name to something weird with a hyphen? Update here so everyone knows it. You can also set your profile photo, and it'll be used everywhere in TeamSnap.

The preferred contact email under your profile does not have to match the email you use for your account login. Your login email is where TeamSnap will send you updates about your account. All other communication from your teams will go to your preferred contact email.

Important Note: This feature is currently in beta. You can (and should!) enter your master contact information now, but it is not fully synchronized yet. We’re hard at work on tying this information into various organizations you are part of. Coming soon, you’ll be able to sync all your Account Profile and Contact Information with the click of a button!
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