League Store FAQs

What is the league store?

League owners can create customized league fan-wear, allowing parents, players, coaches, and managers to order directly from TeamSnap. Order for yourself or your entire team- there is no minimum and immediate fulfillment! We take the hassle out of collecting money and distributing orders.

How can I set up a league store?

It's easy! Check out Manage League Store to learn how!

What kind of items and brands are in the league store?

Champion brand shirts (performance and cotton), tank tops, jackets, hoodies & sweatshirts, pants, polos, hats, bags & backpacks. We’re constantly adding new items!

When a store becomes available, are my teams notified?

Yes, your teams are notified that their league store is available via email and push notification.

Can I make updates to my team store after it becomes available?

Yes, your team store is open 24/7/365 and can be updated at any time.

How long does shipping take?

Orders are delivered directly to your doorstep within 2 weeks.

Is there a minimum on orders?

No minimums - order for yourself or your entire team!

How can I turn the store OFF so it’s no longer visible to my teams?

Check out the Manage League Store article to learn how!

Who has the ability to set up a store?

League owners have the ability to set up a store.

If I have an issue with an order, who do I contact?

GTM has a support team dedicated to TeamSnap orders. They can assist with orders by calling 877-254-0793.

Can I turn this on and off whenever we want?

Yes, stores can be turned off/on at any time by league owners. To turn off a store, please visit Settings >> League Store >> Switch Team Store OFF. To turn a store back on, please visit Settings >> League Store >> Switch Team Store ON.

Can I custom design? Change font, logos, etc?

League owners can add their own custom logo, colors, league name, and can change these at any time. Alas, they are unable to change the font.

Can players add their name or number to the items ordered?

No personalization available yet.

If I have multiple sports in my league can I have sport specific options?

Not yet! Since this is a new feature, some advanced options will not be available just yet.

Can I only have the store display for specific teams?

Not at this time.

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