Set Member Availability

Need to let the coach know that you can't make it to practice or that you will definitely be there for the game? Teams on a paid plan can use the availability feature to gather and track member attendance to scheduled games and events. Here's how it works:

On the TeamSnap Web App

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click your roster name below the team name to enter the team site
  3. Click the Availability tab
    1. Don't see anything listed there? Read more about why that may be here: Why Doesn’t My Availability Page Have Any Scheduled Items Listed?
  4. Click the box below the scheduled event or game set availability for that specific event or game
  5. Click the Set Multiple option below your member name to set all unchecked event and game availabilities at once 
    1. Team administrators have an additional option to clear availability on individual eventsavailability.gif
  6. (optional) Click the pencil icon to enter Availability Note

On the TeamSnap Mobile App

Members can update their Availability and view all players availability on the mobile app by clicking on the "Availability" bar.

  1. Navigate to the Team on the Mobile app 
  2. Tap on Schedule/Availability (iOS) or Schedule (Android)
  3. Tap on Event/Game to view schedule details
  4. Tap on Availability (next to Details)
  5. Tap the Availability you would like to set (Yes, I'm Going, Maybe, No, I'm Not Going) 
  6. Optional: Tap Add Availability Note to add a message to your Availability Status
Note: Can't update your availability and/or seeing a cut-off window message? This means that your team administrator has set a cut-off time for when availability changes can be made before the event. Contact your team admin to let them know you have a change.