Manage and Assign Official Positions

Set Positions, # of Officials per Game, and Required Ability Limits

Once you have your tournament games scheduled and published, you can find additional officials settings within your tournament management portal under the Officials tab and can go ahead and assign or allow officials to assign themselves to published tournament games. 

  1. Click event name
  2. Click Manage
  3. Click the Officials tab
  4. Click the drop-down at the top of the screen to select specific divisions to manage officials for or leave it at the default of All Divisions
  5. Click Settings
    1. Add officials positions
      1. Click the Select Position dropdown 
      2. Click Create New Position
      3. Enter position name
      4. Click Save
      5. Click Add Position
    2. Enter the number of officials to be assigned per game
    3. Add ability  limits
      1. If tags were added to officials during setup for levels of experience (e.g. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) those tags can be selected here to indicate that only officials with matching tags can be assigned to the division
  6. Optional: Copy officials settings to other divisions 
    1. Click the Copy Division Settings button on the division you have set up your officials on
    2. Select the division(s) to copy the settings over to
    3. Click Copy Settings to Divisions
    4. Voila! Your divisions will all have the same settings!

You are ready to assign officials to games yourself or allow them to assign themselves, just follow our steps in the section below. 

Assigning Officials to Games

  1. Click Assignment
  2. Optional: Click the Add Officials drop-down to select available officials to assign to the game
    1. Only officials with tags matching those added under Settings will be available for assignment
    2. Admins will see a warning for any conflicts if the official is already assigned to another game on the same date/time on the drop-down menu and the assignment
    3. Click Send Assignments to email notifications to assigned officials
      1. Check box for desired notification
      2. Click Send
    4. Assignment Status is displayed by icon before the official's name in the Officials column, allowing you to see the status of each assignment

      1. Once the assignments are sent to the officials, the status will change to Notified
      2. The status will change to accepted or declined when an official accepts or declines the assignment status and those with assignor roles will receive a notification
      3. If a game is rescheduled, the status will change to rescheduled so a new notification can be sent to the official allowing them to accept or decline the new game time

  3. Optional: Click Self Assign 
    1. Toggle Self Assign Open
      1. This allows officials to assign themselves to the games they would like to officiate and/or are available for
    2. Optional: Toggle Auto Approve to allow officials
      1. Turn this off if you want the admin to approve each self-assignment.If toggled on, official game assignments will automatically be accepted once an official assigns themselves to a game.
    3. Click Invite Officials to send email invitations to the officials you want to allow to self-assign. While self-assignment is open, you will be able to see how many games each official has assigned themselves to and how many of those self-assignments have been approved.

  4. What's Next

    You can view official assignment statuses under Officials>Assignments section at any time. Additionally, assignment notifications can be re-sent as a reminder. Finally, admins can send targeted messages to officials under the Messages tab.

    In the TeamSnap Tournaments mobile app, officials will be able to see an Assignments tab with any assignments they have for an event as well as a jersey icon visible on any games they are officiating. They will be able to view other officials assigned to games they have been assigned to, along with their contact information. 

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