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    Jennifer Moore

    Hi Joanna, 

    I just wanted to follow up to let you know that I looked into this a bit more and I have learned that companies in increasing areas around the world are no longer providing email to SMS gateways as a free service to their customers. It turns out Australia is one of the countries that does not provide this free service.

    I'm sorry for the confusion and I think that you'll find that our push notification feature will work for you as an alternative. Read more here: 



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    Jennifer Moore

    Hi Joanna, 

    When we send text messages in TeamSnap we utilize the email to SMS gateways that many cell phone companies provide for their customers. If your company is not in our list, we either have not been able to obtain an email to SMS address or they do not provide one for their customers. If you are able to obtain this email to SMS address, we would be happy to support the phone provider you list. As an example, T-Mobile in the USA has an email to SMS address of

    If you can contact the provider and find out the specific email address that provider uses, we can get them added in! Please reach out to us at

    I'd also like to mention that with our Alerts feature user's with the the latest version of the TeamSnap Android or iOS mobile can receive push notifications. This can be set up without a provider listed. We have found that many users prefer to receive push notifications over an SMS message.


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