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    Ashley Cayla (Edited )

    Hi John! 

    Thank you so much for reaching out to TeamSnap Club & League.  Depending on the progression of the players' registrations, there are various ways to contact them (with more features in the works)!  We are going to create a customer support ticket for you so that we may help you through the process.



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    John Rode

    Hi Ashley,

    I am trying to email players who have "Waiting For Payment" in the Checkout Detail. Another way to look at it is anyone who has "Payments" equal to $0. 

    - John

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    April Eastburn

    Hi John,

    We here at TeamSnap are constantly working to improve our product and look for feedback from our customers on how they are using the product to better help us shape the feature improvements we make.  We have several improvements regarding registrations and communicating with those customers on our current roadmap and will be rolling those out as we complete them.  

    In the meantime, if a player has completed registration, selecting Offline Payment as their payment option and are currently in the "Waiting for Payment" status you have a couple of options for gathering their contact information and reminding them to send in their payment.

    First, you could do a roster export to CSV.  You can then sort your roster export by Amount Paid to find those that have not made their payment yet.  The roster export will provide the contact email and phone number for those players so you can reach out to them with reminders.

    Alternately, you could create a "Payment Due" holding team/division and move anyone that still needs to complete their payment into that team.  You would then be able to email that entire team or individuals within that team directly from TeamSnap.  Once they have paid, you would be able to move them to their correct team for the season.

    Hope that helps!


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