Whatever happened to kids having fun playing a sport they loved




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    Bryan M. Griffith

    Grandpa, you're leaving this comment in the wrong place. I hope you are preaching to the choir here, but this is a place for feedback about the software your granddaughter's team uses for organization. You should pursue your concerns directly with the coaches, and club administrator, and/or league. Good luck!

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    Jenn Southan

    Hey there, Bryan and Grandpa!


    You are absolutely preaching to the choir here. If we could have a say, we would definitely have some suggestions for this team.  :)  In fact, you might want to send the coach our blog post on What I Learned from 40 Years of Coaching for some great ideas. For your granddaughter (and daughter), you can pass this article along to her. While it won't force someone to answer her, it can give her some words to use when speaking to the coach.

    Good luck to her and you!





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