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    Gypsie Raleigh (Edited )

    Hi Janna!


    Thanks for posting in the Club & Leagues help center! Your TeamSnap registration is designed to be filled out by the parent or player, generating a roster profile under their TeamSnap login. It is possible for the league commissioner to fill out registrations on the behalf of a registrant! However, you would need to either create a brand new login for their use (after you have filled out the form) or--to place the generated roster profile on an existing account--you would need their existing login information. 

    Here are the steps for filling out a registration for a parent or player who has never signed in with TeamSnap before:

    To manually add a registrant completely sign out of your TeamSnap account and open an incognito browser window. This is important to keep the browser from utilizing your cached log-in information, and will ensure this registrant’s roster profile is not created on your account and login. (If you would like some instructions on going incognito, here are instructions for a variety of browsers: )

    Use the registration link to register the player creating a new TeamSnap account with their email address as the Username.

    Once you have registered you can email the player their new TeamSnap Username and Password combination that you created for them so they can access the team once they are assigned to a team.

    I hope that helps!  If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at for team support and for all of your league support needs.


    We'll be glad to help!


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    Damon Ninham

    I would just go and change your end date of the registration so it will "open" back up and then once you have added your late registration participant, close the registration again.  Just my work around.

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