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    Jennifer Moore

    Hi Jill, 



    While there is not a way to have multiple rosters using one team, descriptive event and game titles as well as notes would come in handy here. In addition, if you are looking for a way to ensure that players are receiving automatic game and event reminders applicable to them you can mark these players with a red x as 'not going' and they will not receive automatic game reminders. Hope this helps! 


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    Christian Monterroso

    The solution posted is a step closer to the requirement, but it's not good enough.

    We have been setting players who are not supposed to be at a game as X (not going) and putting a note along stating that they are not playing that game.
    Some parents are still changing that X to 'available' because they thought that they had inadvertently set their player to 'missing'.

    We need a new state, only settable by a team manager, which indicates 'not applicable' or similar.

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