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Getting Started

Ready to get your TeamSnap account set up and learn some helpful tips? Start here!

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Account & Plan Management

Find info on managing TeamSnap plans, billing, teams, and all your account details.

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Season Management and Organization Structuring

Get info on managing seasons and utilizing division and team structuring here.

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Invoicing, Registration, and Financials

Fees! Payments! Learn all about forms, invoices, & all things financial in TeamSnap.

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Roster Profile and Member Management

Need to manage roster info or manage member placements? Check this section out!

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Learn all about the communication options that TeamSnap provides here!

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Scheduling and Availability

Learn all about creating and syncing schedules, availability, and event assignments.

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Tracking and Statistics

Track things! Statisticalize things!

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Admins can pull reports on a lot of their team or org info. Find out more here!

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Photos, Videos, and Files

Did you know you can upload media files to TeamSnap? How-tos and details here!

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Admins have additional options to select settings for their team or organization site

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Partnerships and Integrations

Learn more about our awesome partnership and integration features here!

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Health and Safety

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Security and Privacy

Security and privacy is of utmost importance to us. Get more details here.

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Looking for help with your TeamSnap Tournaments account? This is the spot!

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Website Builder

TeamSnap Website Builder customers can find helpful how-tos and guides here.

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Troubleshooting and Error Resolution

Quick fixes for known issues and errors can be found here!

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You've got questions! We have answers! If we don't, let us know!

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Training Camp


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Occasionally we do webinars. If you can't attend in person, recordings are here!

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Draft Picks

New Features and Improvements

Take a gander at our hand-crafted organic product release notes. Ooh la la!

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Feature Requests

You can't submit a feature request here, but you will find out how to. We love ideas!

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COVID-19 Resources

Resources and Support

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