Activate Plugins in Website Builder

Warning: Only the approved free versions of the plugins listed in your site are supported at this time. Please ignore any paid upgrade prompts within those plugins, as they are not currently able to be activated within your site if you purchase them. 

TeamSnap vets each plugin that we make available for activation on your site for security, reliability, and level of maintenance from the plugin developer. So, where can you find the plugins and activate the ones you want to use?

Note: If you do not see the plugin you're looking for in you list of plugins to activate, it may require our team to activate it. Please reach out to us by clicking on the blue help icon on the bottom right of your screen when logged in to your TeamSnap account. Include your organization's website URL and the name of the plugin in your request.

  1. Log into your site dashboard (e.g.
  2. Click Plugins on the dashboard menu
    1. Available plugins that have been approved for use will be listed here

  3. Activate your plugins:
    1. To activate a single plugin:
      1. Click Activate below the name of the plugin you want to use
    2. To activate multiple plugins:
      1. Check the box for each plugin you want to use
      2. Select Activate from the Bulk Actions drop-down
      3. Click Apply 
  4. Plugins with administrative options will appear in the Dashboard menu
  5. Click the plugin name to open the plugin settings and complete action steps/adjust settings as needed
  6. That's it! You will see a new menu item appear in your dashboard menu if the plugin has it's own setup and settings for use
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