Set Up Payment Deposit Account

Once an invoice is created or a registration form is created with online payments enabled, online payments can be submitted by members. In order to have those funds deposited somewhere, administrators for teams and organizations using TeamSnap integrated payments will need to complete financial settings set up.

Team owners will set up their financial settings under the Invoicing tab within their team site. Organization admins will set up their financial settings under the Financials tab, which will become available once they have created their first invoice batch or when online payments (credit card or ACH) are enabled within a registration form. 

Important: It is important to make sure that your legal organization name is what is entered as the TeamSnap organization name in your Settings tab before setting up your Financials tab.

Who can do this:
  • Roster Members
  • Team Managers
  • Team Owners
  • Commissioners
  • Organization Owners
Where to do this:
  • Web app
  • mobile app icon
  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Enter your team or organization site from the TeamSnap dashboard
  3. Open financial settings:
    1. Organization admins: Click the Financials tab
    2. Team admins: Click the Invoicing tab
    3. Click the Financial Settings sub-tab
  4. Complete all fields with the applicable information
    iOS financial settings screen.
    iOS financial settings screen
    Android financial settings screen.
    Android financial settings screen
    Web non-profit financial settings screen.
    Financial details required for an organization designated as a non-profit.
  5. Click Start Receiving Deposits

Deposits from TeamSnap

Your deposits will be sent two business days following payment activity, after which it will be processed in accordance with your selected bank's processing and posting time. Deposits will be listed as TEAMSNAP, and for U.S.-based teams and organizations, your payor registrants will see the payments submitted designated by TEAMSNAP* with the first 12 characters of the team or sports organization's name on their account statements. For Canadian-based organizations, the descriptor will include the first characters of your account name followed by your organization name. 

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