Setting up your deposit bank account

Attention: This article pertains to all TeamSnap for Teams accounts and select TeamSnap for Business accounts that have the deposit account setup vs the merchant account setup.

Once an invoice is created or a registration form is created with online payments enabled, online payments can be submitted by members. In order to have those funds deposited somewhere, administrators for teams and organizations using TeamSnap integrated payments will need to complete financial settings set up.

Team owners—or Organization Admins using team-level invoicing—will set up their financial settings under the Invoicing tab within their team site for all team invoices. Organization admins will set up their financial settings under the Financials tab, which will become available once they have created their first invoice batch or when online payments (credit card or ACH) are enabled within a registration form. 

Note: To avoid any delays in enabling online payments and deposits, it is highly recommended that you complete set up of your deposit account as early as possible if you intend to collect online payments from your members at any point in time.

ATTENTION: Team Invoice payments always process through per-team deposit accounts. If an organization is collecting payments through team-level invoicing, those team-level deposit accounts still need to be set up per-team. The organization-level deposit account can be used to send invoices from the organization-level Invoices tab, but can not be connected to team-level created invoices and payments. 

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Setting up your deposit account

Administrators with access to financials in TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues or TeamSnap for Business can set up a bank account for invoice and registration payments to be deposited to. 

Prerequisite: Make sure your legal organization name is entered as the name of your sports organization or team in TeamSnap before continuing with the financials setup.

Attention: For TeamSnap for Business, the same bank account information can be added to each season within a program, or if desired, different bank accounts can be added to each season. If using the same bank account for every season, the account must be added to each season that will need its funds deposited to that account. 

  1. Log into TeamSnap.
  2. Enter your team or organization site from the TeamSnap dashboard.
  3. Open financial settings:
    1. Organization admins (web only): 
      1. Click the Financials tab
    2. Team admins: 
      1. Web 
        1. Click the Invoicing tab
      2. Android
        1. Tap the hamburger menu icon
        2. Tap Invoicing
        3. Tap the 3-dot menu

          Android financial settings screen.
          Android financial settings screen
      3. iOS
        1. Tap the More menu icon
        2. Tap Invoicing
        3. Tap the settings gear icon

          iOS financial settings screen.
          iOS financial settings screen
  4. Click the Financial Settings sub-tab.

    Complete all fields. To comply with federal financial requirements, all fields in the "Account Opener" section must be completed. This is so that every account has an individual tied to the account as the financial representative to ensure account security, including identity verification and fraud prevention.

    ATTENTION: Canadian non-profit organizations that do not have a Tax ID must enter all zeroes (00-0000000) in the Tax ID field and submit a copy of the Account Opener's ID card to our Payments team at for account verification.

    1. ID verification file requirements for Canadian non-profits:
      1. Clear, unaltered copy with no glare, all edges included, nothing blocked, etc.
      2. In color
      3. Includes front and back of the ID
      4. Under 15MB in size
      5. Under 8000 pixels on any dimension (width or height)
      6. .png or .jpg format
      7. Large enough to read
      8. Not expired

        Web non-profit financial settings screen.
        Financial details required for an organization designated as a non-profit.
  5. Click Start Receiving Deposits.

Deposit details

Default deposit frequency is for deposits to be sent two business days following payment activity, after which it will be processed in accordance with your receiving bank's processing and posting time. This could be anywhere from 2-12 days.

Deposits will be listed as  TEAMSNAP, and for U.S.-based teams and organizations, your payers will see the payments they have submitted designated by TEAMSNAP* + the first 12 characters of your team or sports organization's name on their account statements. For Canadian-based organizations, the descriptor will include the first characters of your account name followed by your organization name.

Once you start generating payment and deposit activity, you will be able to access several reports under the Financials tab.

Common questions

Why do you need my Social Security Number (SSN) or Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

We’re pretty playful here at TeamSnap, but moving money is a serious matter. In our role of distributing money to individuals, we have a responsibility to validate the identity of the recipients of that money. Your social security number helps us to do just that. For all Canadian customers, we require a social insurance number for identification to confirm that you are a representative of the business for which you are filing the application. Your SIN is not retained in our system and is used for verification purposes only.

I’m a non-profit and don’t have a Tax ID number, what do I use?

You should have an EIN from the IRS, sounds like you need some help finding yours. EINs can be found on your 501c3 determination letter and other documents you were issued by the government. We suggest taking a look at those documents for a number labeled as EIN or Federal Tax ID. If you are a Canadian non profit and you do not have a tax id number please contact support for assistance.

How do I find my EIN number?

If you are a non-profit, your EIN can be found on your 501c3 determination letter and other documents you were issued by the IRS. We suggest taking a look at those documents for a number labeled as EIN or Federal Tax ID. If you are a business, the easiest place for you to find your EIN is likely on tax documents or on a letter you received from the IRS when registering your business.

Why can't I use a PO BOX?

In our role of distributing money, we have a responsibility to validate the identity of the recipients of that money. A PO Box is not sufficient information to help in this regard and a physical address is required. We will not be sending anything to this address, it is simply used for verification purposes.

My organization is in Canada, I can't locate a routing number?

You will enter your 5 digit transit number followed by the 3 digit Institution number. The format will be xxxxx-xxx.

What payment methods are accepted for our members or teams paying their registration/invoices?

Organizations in the US can pay via debit, credit, or ACH. Organizations in Canada can not accept ACH or e-transfer (Interac) at this time, but Visa and Mastercard branded debit cards are accepted! Team accounts can only accept debit or credit at this time.

How will integrated payments appear on the cardholders credit card statement?

For US based organizations the descriptor on the card holder statement will be TEAMSNAP* and the first 12 characters of your league name. For Canadian based organizations the descriptor will include the first characters of your account name followed by your league name.

How do I update the account name?

To update the account name you'll need to reach out to our stellar customer support team for assistance. Please be advised that we may need to collect new information to make this change.

How do I change the deposit bank account information?

Organization owners can edit the deposit bank details under the Financials tab by clicking Edit Deposit Settings.

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