Viewing and exporting financial reports

Administrators for teams and organizations have financial reporting available once the financial settings have been completed. Once payments are accepted and deposited, reporting data will become available.

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Financial Reports: Teams and TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Enter your team or organization from the TeamSnap dashboard
  3. Click the Invoicing tab (teams) or the Financials tab (organizations)

    Click Financial Reporting

    1. Report Types include: 
      1. Payments Report: Reports on payment transactions that have occurred on their account. Includes Registration Name, Participant Name, and a link to the Transaction Summary for the registration.
      2. Deposit Reports - List view: List of all deposits sent to your club and league. Details date the deposit was sent, amount of the deposit, bank account sent to, and a link to view details of the deposit.
      3. Deposit Reports - Detail view: Details everything that impacted the deposit amount. Sales, Refunds, Fees, Adjustments, Chargebacks are all listed and total to the amount of the deposit. Click "View Details" and then "Export to CSV" to pull the Detail view report.
      4. Outstanding Report: Reports across all organization invoice and registration fees in the current season with an unpaid balance. Includes the fee date, source, type, status, and amount due. 
  4. PAYMENTS: Click Payments to view all transactions that your organization has processed through TeamSnap. The title of each payment will show you which registration form or invoice the payment came from, and the member associated with the transaction.
    • Enter start and end dates in the search fields to filter the payments list.
    • Optional: Click View Registration to view the registration details for a registrant's payment.

  5. DEPOSITS: Click Deposits to view the total amounts being deposited into your organization's bank account and the dates on which the deposits occurred.
    • Optional: Enter transaction dates in the search fields to filter the deposits list.
    • Optional: Click View Details to view the deposit details for a deposit including which transactions are associated with each specific deposit and where processing fees are being taken out.

  6. OUTSTANDING: Click Outstanding to view payments owed for registration and invoicing for your current season's members and the dates the payments are due/scheduled. 
    1. Optional: Enter dates in the search fields to filter the payments due/scheduled list.
    2. Optional: Click the link in the Source column to view the related registration or invoice for a specific owed payment.
    3. The Status column indicates whether the payment is part of an installment plan or not. "Scheduled" indicates an installment payment.
  7. Click the Export to CSV button to download the transaction report in a spreadsheet.
    1. For best results, search a date range and export that date range.
    2. To extract exports beyond 400+ records, search a new date range for each export. 
    3. If you do not use a date filter, the export will download the records within the last 30 days shown on the current page.

Note: For refunds, it can take up to two business days from the time the refund is issued to be reflected on the Financial reports. 

Financial Reports: TeamSnap for Business

Organization administrators can access financial reports to see financial information across programs. 

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click Financials.

  3. View your organization's key financial insights, including:
    1. Revenue
    2. Failed Payments
    3. Upcoming Installments
    4. Past Due Items

  4. With the exception of the Revenue insights, each of the insight boxes can be clicked to auto-filter the selected report subtab based on the selected box's insights data. 
  5. Adjust the insights and reporting data by date if desired. 

  6. Click the Outstanding subtab to view the report for outstanding fees.
    1. Use the search field to find items by member name or source.
    2. Use the Filter button to refine item list by program, type, or status.

  7. Click the Transactions subtab to view the report for all processed transactions, including any offline payments that have been manually entered.
    1. Use the search field to find items by member name or source.
    2. Use the Filter button to refine item list by program, type, or status.

  8. Click Export to download a CSV file of your financial reporting data.
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