Sync Roster Profile Contact Emails With Invite Emails

Situation: The parent or player email is listed on a team roster profile, but when they log in with that email, they don't see that team. What's going on and how can you fix it? This guide has the goods:

Login Email vs. Contact Email 

Here is how it happens: A member's login email can differ from the contact email they have listed on their roster profile. This means that the address you see on the roster profile may not be the same address that accepted the invitation. 

Each contact on a roster profile can send/support one invitation. If a member edits the roster profile email on a contact that already has an accepted invitation, this won't change the login email or send a new invitation. They are just changing the address that receives communications. You can compare account names with the contact email when viewing a profile at the team level. If Mom's name is listed by Dad's email address, that's a good indication that the contact and the login email are for different people. 

Now that you've identified the issue, here's how to make sure that the login email and the contact email are the same.

Disable Roster Profile

The first step is to revoke existing invitations for that profile. Don't worry! The next step is to reconnect those invitations.

  1. Log into TeamSnap on the web

  2. Select either a Team Owner, Manager, or Commissioner role to access this team. Non-admin roles can not make this edit.

  3. Navigate to the team's Roster tab
  4. Click the roster member's name to open profile details: 
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the profile, and click Disable

Reconnect Invitations 

Now that you have reset the profile invitations, you can resend those invitations to sync each contact with the listed contact email. Invitations sent at the team-level to existing accounts will auto-accept, so if your members have TeamSnap accounts, they won't even have to lift a finger. 

Just click the green Invite to Join button for each contact. If the email is an existing login, the invitation will auto accept. Now the contact and login emails are the same email address, and your members can log in to this team using the email addresses on this profile.

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