Massachusetts Youth Soccer Export for Import

Using the registration feature in TeamSnap, administrators can gather and export Massachusetts Youth Soccer information from participants that can then be imported into the Affinity upload tool. 

Note: If registration has not yet taken place make sure you set the required fields in your TeamSnap registration form as required following the steps in the section below in order to gather all the data required for your Affinity upload for Massachusetts Youth Soccer.

Part 1: Set Required Fields

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Enter your club or league under the My Leagues section of the Dashboard screen
  3. Click Registration tab
  4. Click Edit for the appropriate form
  5. Click Form Overview button (if not already there)
  6. Click the change link to switch all of the following fields to Required if they aren't already:
    1. Player Info
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Address
      • City
      • State/Province
      • Zip/Postal Code
      • Birthdate
      • Gender
    2. Parent Info
      • Parent 1 First Name
      • Parent 1 Last Name
      • Parent 1 Home Phone

Part 2: Exporting from TeamSnap and Matching Affinity Requirements

Once registration is complete, you can export data from TeamSnap:

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Enter your club or league under the My Leagues section of the Dashboard screen
  3. Click Members tab
  4. Click Export Members
  5. Open the file that is emailed to you
  6. Open Affinity Upload template: Affinity Player Upload Template
  7. Enter required column fields for registrar-provided information (not included in the TeamSnap export):
    1. SeasonID: Located on the MA Youth Soccer registration page, or in your Affinity Sports account under Club level, Registration tab, Season sub tab, listed to the right of the season name
    2. SIDCODE: Can be found on the Program Info page on the upper right corner in Affinity Sports.
    3. Season: Located in the season drop down at the top of the left navigation menu and also on the same page as the season ID
  8. Copy+paste the data from your TeamSnap export file into appropriate Affinity Player Upload Template required columns
  • First --> PlayerFirstName
  • Last --> PlayerLastName
  • Address --> Address1
  • City --> City
  • State --> State
  • Zip --> ZIPCODE
  • Birthdate --> DOB
  • Gender --> Gender
  • Contact 1 Name --> Parent1FirstName
  • Contact 1 Phone --> Parent1LastName
  • Enter PlayerLevelCode column fields for players:
    • Recreational Player -R; Travel Player -T; Premier Player –P (If you have youth under the age of 18 working as referees only use "R" and they will be properly registered)
  • Save your updated Affinity Player Upload file in excel format

  • Part 3: Importing into the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Affinity Sports System

    1. Log into
    2. Click the Help Center tab
    3. Click Access your Organization's Help Center
    4. Click Submit a request at the top right of the screen
    5. Complete the required fields and attach your Affinity Upload file for upload
    6. Complete the instructions at under Administration>Organization Registration to finish up the process

    If you experience any errors during the import process or need further assistance with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Affinity upload, please contact  MA Youth Soccer Registration directly.

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