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iOS Release Notes


  • Fixed our map thumbnail images because the same location was showing for every map thumbnail. Awkward! 
  • Now you can access NCSA (Next College Student Athlete) to create a recruiting profile. Remember us when you get to the big leagues!
  • We squashed some bugs!
  • In other news, funny release notes guy continues his sabbatical, where he's probably gazing wistfully off into the distance while sipping a cool glass of water without a care in the world. #andylikeswater


  • Now when you tap on links in event notes they will actually take you somewhere instead of sending you into a personal crisis of wondering if you even know how links are supposed to work anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where health checks wouldn't always work on smaller screen sizes. SOME of us use smaller devices bc we don't all have giant hands, STEVEN.
  • We jazzed up event details and assignments, because 2020 seems like a really good time for some self-improvement and decluttering. #doesitsparkjoy
  • In other news, funny release notes guy remains out on sabbatical but we've got this covered. No pressure, no biggie. ENJOY FINDING INNER PEACE, ANDY.


We asked the funny release notes guy to craft some hilarious update notes before he went on "sabbatical", but he was already 2 Netflix series and a Hawaiian shirt into his "journey of introspection". Sorry about that! 

This update fixes a bug that caused the "Notify Team" switch to not notify the team when selected. We've since sent the developer responsible on "sabbatical".


A health check a game, keeps the doctor away! 
Introducing: TeamSnap Health Check
  • Your team can now complete a short health screening before every event or game, directly in TeamSnap. 
  • Managers can monitor the team status and see who is eligible to play. Participants who fail the screening will be instructed to stay home.
  • Cleared players are also given a full screen status view to show upon arrival.


  • Keeping things clean is really important right now, so we made some updates that are basically hand sanitizer for the app.


  • Fixed a modal which had the mode of “Never gonna give you up.”
  • Fixed the bad password alert. The bad password alert is no longer bad.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, internal updates and ill-advised tattoos.


  • NEW! Chat reactions. Laugh, praise or vote in a poll with just a tap. An emoji is worth 1,000 words (or 1,400 words Canadian).


  • New! Chat muting. Now you can pause chat notifications for two hours, four hours, until tomorrow, or until you unmute if you just can’t take any more of Dale going on about that goal he scored.


  • Interface tweaks, bug fixes and sugar-free eye candy.


  • Fixed an issue where chat would sometimes display nonsensical information to new teams. All information is now sensical.
  • Added a few virtual airbags for assorted crashes.


  • Just a little polishing. Ooooh, shiny!


  • Fixed an issue where the schedule would occasionally display like a Cubist painting. We applied Realism.


  • Banner ad in New Team Chat
  • Banner ad in DM/GMs
  • Banner ad on Chat List
  • Tweaked rules for Assignments interstitial display.


  • Badging on the app icon now reflects the number of unread chats instead of some arbitrary and less-useful number.
  • New! A gift on your TeamSnap anniversary. We remembered!
  • Plus bug fixes and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements.


  • New team chat platform. Better performance, more reliable, delicious on toast.
  • Fixed a bug in lineups. Ups are now properly lined.

2019 Release Notes


  • Assignments now makes it quicker and easier to assign some of your favorite and most-loved items with one click. (Assuming your most-loved item isn’t, like, ocelot shampoo.)


  • You can now include photos in group and direct messages. Selfie bomb!


  • Fixed a very rare bug that could cause an event not to display in very specific circumstances. Events now display properly in both specific and vague circumstances.


  • You can now set a topic for each group chat. For example: “Coordinating goalie practice” or “Let’s all chip in to buy the coach a Ferrari.”
  • Members with an outdated version of the app can now be included in chats, but they will need to update their app to reply. And they might want to update their wardrobe while they’re at it. I mean, that velour shirt, amirite?

4.10.1 & 4.10.2


Shhhh! Top secret. Support for upcoming improvements to payments and invoicing.


  • Introducing group chat! Now you can message instantly with any number of people on your team, right within the app. Coordinate that carpool, tell all the coaches you’re running late, or remind the outfielders about that giant sinkhole in center field.
  • Make sure everyone on the team downloads the latest version of TeamSnap so they don’t miss out on group chats.
  • This feature is being rolled out to new teams over the next couple weeks. If you don’t have group messaging yet, keep checking back!


  • Fixed an issue where users could be logged out unexpectedly. Sort of like passing through a time portal, only not as much fun.
  • Fixed a few miscellaneous issues with miscellaneous solutions.



Fixed an issue in team chat where older message would sometimes fail to load. You can now revisit that chat you sent in 1974.



Introducing direct messages! Now you can chat with anyone on your team directly through TeamSnap. (This feature is being rolled out to new teams over the next couple weeks. If you don’t have direct chat yet, keep checking back!)



Fixed an issue where the number of unread messages displayed in the app was not, in the strictest of terms, accurate.



A few updates to help things run more smoothly. Basically, like vitamins for the app, but without the mixed berry flavor.



If you are creating invoices in a currency different than your device’s default currency, we now list the specific currency type. Also, look at you with your global financial empire!

  • If your team is set up for USD$ and your device is set for the US Region you will see $ when entering amounts.
  • If your team is set up for CAD$ and your device is set for the CA Region you will see $  when entering amounts.
  • If your team is set up for USD$ and your device is *NOT* set for the US Region you will see US$  when entering amounts.
  • If your team is set up for CAD$ and your device is *NOT* set for the CA Region you will see CA$  when entering amounts.


  • HOT! Got unread chats? We’ve added badges to the app icon and inside the app so you can see at a glance how many new messages you have. Never miss another important chat, like “Connor needs a ride to practice,” or “The game has been canceled due to a caribou stampede.”



This release fixes a few bugs and was not tested on any animals, except for one cat that sat on a developer's keyboard for half the morning.


  • Made it easier to add family members to your profile.
  • Also, don't forget to call your mom on Mother's Day.


  • Fixed an issue that caused team chat to stop showing messages when tapping on a chat notification. This bug was so rare that it was last spotted in the jungles of Borneo in 1973.
  • Fixed an issue that caused email login links to not actually log you in. Clever, but not actually useful.
  • Fixed scrolling issues on the Overview screen. Now scrolling is as smooth as a jazz fusion radio station DJ.


  • Fixes a bug that occasionally caused deleted events to hang around defiantly on the Schedule screen.
  • Fixes a bug that caused the app to hang when viewing location details for a location with no address. Very Twilight Zone.


  • Improved photo viewing: faster loading, better interface, fewer stray nose hairs.
  • Better type scaling for all of us non-conformists who laugh in the face of default font sizes.
  • Fixed a timezone bug that made events appear to be on the wrong day if you were traveling somewhere far from home. Like if you lived in Seattle and your hockey game was in Madagascar.



Fixes a crash on iOS 10, for customers who are connoisseurs of the finest vintage operating systems.


  •  Copy Locations From Another Team is back after briefly exiting the app for a solo career.
  • Moved the team name and record from the Overview screen to the More menu. The Overview screen already has your team name at the top once. Twice was just weird.
  • Added the TeamSnap Live timer and score view for even more sports. Still no moose jumping support, though. :(
  • Made some small but plucky UX improvements to entering an event or game.
  • Bug Fixes That Shall Not Be Named.



Fixed a crash with member photos in p3 wide color space. Now everyone can enjoy seeing your nose with truer color fidelity.



  • You can now dismiss the card that explains Siri Shortcuts. You don't need to be reminded every day. You got this.
  • Fixed a number of small bugs. Gnat-sized, really. Not like those giant jungle bugs you see on the Discovery Channel.



A few under-the-hood tweaks. Basically, the software equivalent of when your mechanic puts in a new air filter and you have to take their word for it.



Fixed a rare and obscure bug. In 50 years, it will sell for $1,00,000 at auction.



The Overview feed now has tons more information to help make your TeamSnap experience faster at a glance. New and redesigned info includes:

  • A quick jump directly to team chat
  • Your open, unpaid invoices
  • The week’s upcoming games and events
  • Reminders about TeamSnap features you may not be using
  • The name of the guy who was in that show
  • Tips to help coaches and managers finish setting up the team
  • And more!

We also improved auto-complete when entering a new location, handy for when your game is in Kyrgyzstan.


- Fixed an issue where pull-to-refresh on the teams list was all pull, no refresh.

- Small styling and design improvements. We challenge you to spot the difference.

2018 Release Notes



This release fixes a few bugs and was not tested on any animals, except for one cat that sat on a developer's keyboard for half the morning



This update contains heart-healthy, unsalted pixels, made by the finest artisanal cage-free programmers.



This release contains minor fixes and updates, and is now fortified with 12 essential vitamins and minerals and 1/3 less saturated fat than the previous version. Use only as directed.


  • Launched an all-new schedule design. Now your dates are 50% datier.
  • Fixed the interactive back gesture. There hadn't been that much pointless swiping since Cousin Bert tried to steal his own car.
  • We now clear grouped chat notifications after you've viewed the chat. A notification after the fact is basically just gloating.
  • Removed the Delete button from player profiles for teams where player management is handled at the organization level. You know who you are.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were seeing the schedule multiple times with missing games. Really the worst of both worlds.
  • Fixed an issue where animations in team setup weren't animating, which is really the one job of an animation.
  • Fixed a bug where some users couldn't scroll to the Log Out button on small screens. That just made us seem clingy.
  • Added a screen to better explain the Availability feature, for people who still haven't experienced this slice of awesomeness.
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