Manage organization divisions

Attention: This article is for organization administrators on TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues. Check your version at the bottom of your organization screen.

This article covers how to rename, archive, and delete divisions and subdivisions that have already been created within your league.

  1. Enter your organization, click the name under the My Leagues section
  2. Navigate to the Divisions tab

    Tip: Click the View All Subdivisions button in the upper right corner to view all subdivisions with quick access.

  3. Hover over the Snap Action (box with 3 dots in the Admin column next to the division you wish to rename) 
    1. Rename: Click Edit to rename the division 
    2. Archive: Click Archive to start the process of archiving the division 
    3. Delete:  Click Delete if you would like to remove the division completely 
      • The option to delete a division or subdivision will only appear if there is no data housed under it. If you have teams and subdivisions under a division, you will not see the Delete option. 
      • If the option to delete is not available you must start from the bottom up (lowest level under the division), archiving is recommended when the option to delete is not available. 

Note: While you can rename, archive and delete divisions it is not possible to move teams from one division to another. If you wish to re-organize your league divisions, plan accordingly using the league or division archive feature to give you a fresh start.

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