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Add Schedule Locations

This article covers how to add, edit, and delete locations for your schedule events. Administrators have the ability to manage locations.

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Add Team Schedule Locations


  1. Click the Schedule tab
  2. Click Edit 
  3. Click Edit Locations
  4. Click New Location
  5. Enter location details
    • Location Name
    • Address

      Tip: Entering the location address will allow the system to display a Google map location within TeamSnap and automatic schedule reminder emails.
    • Link
    • Notes (Location notes are visible for every event scheduled at that location)
  6. Click Save


  1. Open the TeamSnap app
  2. Tap your team name
  3. Tap the hamburger menu icon 
  4. Tap Team Locations 
  5. Tap the + icon
  6. Tap New Location
  7. Enter location details
  8. Tap check icon to save


  1. Open the TeamSnap app
  2. Open your team
  3. Tap the Schedule tab
  4. Tap the + plus icon
  5. Tap Add Game or Add Event
  6. Tap the Location field
  7. Tap New Location
  8. Tap New Location again
  9. Enter the location details
  10. Tap Save

Import Locations from Another Team


Note: Locations can only be imported from someone with administrative access on both teams (team owner/manager). This feature is specific to standalone teams and is not available for teams under a club and league account.
  1. Click the Schedule tab (If you do not have an event on your schedule please add your first event/game).
  2. Click Import 
  3. Select Locations From Another Team
  4. Select your team
  5. Select your locations
  6. Click Save


  1. Open the TeamSnap app
  2. Open your team
  3. Tap the Schedule tab
  4. Tap the + plus icon
  5. Tap Add Game or Add Event
  6. Tap the Location field
  7. Tap New Location
  8. Tap Copy from Another Team
  9. Tap to select locations under other teams you own
  10. Tap Add (#) Locations

Add Organization Schedule Locations

If you are an administrator for an account using TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues, then you have several options for adding your organization's game and event locations. You can choose to manually add each location for your organization, create an import file to load all your locations at once, or you may choose to import locations from another existing league under your account.

If you create your locations under the top organization schedule tab, then every division/subdivision/team below that will be able to select from your list of org-wide locations when adding schedule items. If locations are added to the team schedule tab they will be listed as non-league locations and will be available for scheduling only under the team that they were created for.

Manually Add Organization-wide Locations

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click organization name under the My Leagues section of the dashboard
  3. Click Schedule tab
  4. Click Add Locations button
  5. Click Add Org Wide Location button on the locations screen
    • Click the Copy Locations From Another League button if you have other existing leagues that you'd like to copy locations from
      • Select the league and the locations to be copied
      • Click Copy
  6. Enter location details
  7. Click Save
  8. Repeat until all locations have been entered

Copy Locations from Another Organization

Note: This feature will only provide available locations from other existing organizations under your TeamSnap account.
  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click organization name under the My Leagues section of the dashboard
  3. Click Schedule tab
  4. Click Add Locations button
  5. Click the Copy Locations From Another League button
  6. Select the league and the locations to be copied
  7. Click Copy
  8. Enter location details
  9. Click Save

Import Locations Using a CSV File

Note: Locations import only works with the CSV file type. If your file is in Excel (.xls) format you’ll want to save or export it as a CSV file before proceeding.

You can use our locations import template or create your own CSV file. If you use your own file, make sure your column headings match the system data mapping headings:

Name Address Link Notes

Make sure your import file meets all of these requirements:

  • Any blank rows have been deleted (The Link and Notes column headings should stay in the import template.)
  • There are no spaces before/after and of the data in each cell
  • Sub-locations should be their own location as a best practice
  • http:// prefix is required for location URLs (URLs missing the http:// prefix will result in import error)
  • Notes will not be visible at the team level unless the hyperlinked location is clicked. Any additional location notes can be added to the Schedule Import.

Ready to import? Here's how:

  1. Click the Schedule tab
  2. Click the Locations button
  3. Click on the Import Locations button 
  4. Click Choose File and select your CSV locations file on your computer
  5. Click Continue
    • If successful, it will show the locations were created.
    • If not, it will display an error status. If you receive an error you'll need to correct the import file data, then re-upload your file

Once you have entered your locations, you will want to enter any opponents that are not a part of your organization.

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