Set Up a Tournaments Event

Ready to add a tournament event? You do not need to have all the details of your event ready before publishing your event. In fact, we recommend publishing your event as soon as possible so coaches, players, and fans can follow your event and you can begin to communicate updates to your intended audience through the app.

Create a Tournament or League Event

  1. Click the plus button in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Click Create Tournament or Create League
    1. Not sure which to do? Hint: Leagues are spread over longer (typically seasonal) periods where teams don't necessarily play every day. They can culminate in a championship tournament or weekend. Tournaments are short-term competitions (typically a few days) where losing teams can be eliminated.
  3. Enter event details
    1. To copy an existing event's settings, divisions, and registration configuration, select the existing event from the Use Another Event as Template drop-down. Daily event times, event venues, blackout dates, and registration dates are not copied over.
    2. Event images must be a jpg or a png file with a minimum 600x600 resolution
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Publish under your event on the admin screen under the Tournaments tab
    1. This publishes your event to the mobile app so teams and fans can follow it
    2. You can unpublish an event at any time by clicking Unpublish
    3. To check the status of your event, see if the event is listed as active or inactive
  6. Once the tournament is Published you will head to the Promote tab (click Manage under to the tournament name) to get the tournament event links and instructions to share with the public to get the tournament app and follow their team. 
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