Edit or Delete Schedule Locations

This article explains how administrators can edit or remove schedule locations.

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Edit Team Schedule Locations


  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Enter your team site
  3. Click the Schedule tab
  4. Click Edit 

    Note: If your team is part of a sports organization and the location in question is marked Shared Location with no edit option, this means that the location can only be managed by organization administrators at the club or league level.
  5. Click Edit Locations
  6. Click Edit to the right of the location that needs updating
  7. Update fields as needed
  8. Click Save


  1. Open the TeamSnap app
  2. Tap your team name
  3. Tap the hamburger menu icon 
  4. Tap Team Locations 
  5. Tap the location to edit
  6. Tap the overflow menu icon
  7. Tap Edit
  8. Update the details of the location as needed
  9. Tap the check icon to save


  1. Open the TeamSnap app
  2. Open your team
  3. Tap the Schedule tab
  4. Tap the + plus icon
  5. Tap Add Game or Add Event
  6. Tap the Location field
  7. Tap Edit
  8. Tap the location to be edited
  9. Edit the location details
  10. Tap Save

Delete Team Schedule Locations


Note: Locations can only be deleted if there are no games/events scheduled at the location. Deletions cannot be reversed.
  1. Click the Schedule tab
  2. Click Edit 
  3. Click Edit Locations
  4. Click Delete button for the location that needs to be removed
  5. Click Delete to confirm

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