Issuing Registration Credits


Sports organization administrators can issue credits on a current registration that registrants may apply to future registration fees. This feature is not available for organizations using WePay or Paypal for payment processing.

Note: Currently, credits must be issued individually to participant registrations. There is no option for issuing credits in bulk.

Available To:
  • Members
  • Team Admins
  • Team Owners
  • Org Admins
  • Org Owners
  • Web app Web
  • iOS app iOS
  • Android app Android
  • Trial
  • Free
  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Ultra
  • United States USA
  • Canada CAN
  • Worldwide Worldwide
  1. Log into TeamSnap using a web browser.
  2. Enter your organization site under the My Organizations section of the TeamSnap Dashboard
  3. Click Registration tab
  4. Click the desired form name
  5. Click edit under the right-hand actions column next to the name of the participant that will be receiving the credit

    Attention: Credits are issued under registered participant(s) but are applied to the member account that registered the participant(s). For example, if a parent has registered two participants and credits are issued to both participant registrations, the credit amounts will be combined and issued to the registrant member account to use in the future.

  6. Click the Issue Credit button
  7. Enter the credit amount and an optional credit note
  8. Click Issue Credit to confirm

The credit will be added to the transaction log, and registrants will be notified of a credit that has been issued to them via email.