Using Registration Credits


A registration credit enables your sport organization to issue credit amounts that can be applied to future registration fees in lieu of or in addition to a refund, similar to a gift card or store credit. Registration credits can be issued by sport organization administrator(s) on current participant registrations for future use. 

Credits can be issued on individual participant registrations and will be applied to the registrant account. This means the account that was used to register the participant receiving the credit will also be the account that the credit is issued to and where it will be available to apply to future registration fees. 

Registrants who have registered multiple participants that receive credits will be issued the combined credit amount to their account. For example, if you registered 2 children, and each of those children are issued a $50 credit, your account will be issued a $100 credit for use on a future registration. Registrants will receive an email notification any time a credit is issued to their account.

Screenshot example of the credit notification email.

Applying Credit to Registration

Registrants who have been issued credit can then apply available credit to registration fees. Upon reaching the registration checkout page when completing a form, there will be an option to apply account credit. 

  1. Toggle the "Apply $XX account credit" switch ON to apply the credit to your registration balance.
    Screenshot of the credit toggle on the registration checkout screen.
    1. Currently, the full balance of your credit will be applied when possible. If your credit balance is more than the fee amount owed, the full amount of your fees will be deducted from the available credit and you will have a remaining credit balance of whatever is left available on your account.
  2. If your credit balance does not cover the full fee amount, select the payment method for how you'd like to pay the remaining fees. 
    Screenshot of an example fee amount remaining after available credit has been applied.
  3. For those who select to pay with an installment plan:
    1. If there is no custom deposit specified, credit will be applied to the balance total with any remaining fees split evenly across the installment dates. 
      1. Example: If your installment plan is for $1000 split across 5 payments and you have a credit of $500, the remaining $500 will be split across the 5 payment dates at $100 each.
    2. If the credit covers the total balance, the installment plan option will be turned off. 
    3. If there is a custom deposit specified and the credit does not cover the total balance, it will be applied first to the balance minus the custom deposit amount.
      1. Example 1: If your installment plan is for a $500 custom deposit plus two installment payments of $250:
        500 + 250 + 250 = $1000 total
        and you have a credit for $500 that you would like to apply, it will be applied to the installment amounts first and the installment plan will turned off and the $500 deposit will be due at checkout. 
      2. Example 2: From the above example, let's say your credit is for $750. Your balance due at checkout will be the remaining $250 deposit amount.
      3. Example 3: From the first example above, let's say your credit is for $250. Your balance due at checkout will be the full $500 deposit and the remaining fee balance after credit will be spread across the 2 installments at $125.

Note: For those purchasing RegSaver insurance during the registration process, please be aware that credits cannot be applied to the cost of RegSaver. You can apply available credit to your registration fees but must submit payment for the RegSaver purchase amount.

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