Export Health Check Reports


This article explains how team and organization administrators can export member health check status reports for specific games and events.

Applies to:
  • Members
  • Team Admins
  • Team Owners
  • Org Admins
  • Org Owners
  • Teams
  • Clubs & Leagues
  • Tournaments
  • Website Builder
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  • Free
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  • Premium
  • Ultra
  • Web app Web
  • iOS app iOS
  • Android app Android
  • United States USA
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  • Worldwide Worldwide
  1. Tap/click the Schedule tab.
  2. Tap/click the desired game or event.
  3. Tap the Team Health Check section (iOS and Android) or click the Health Check Report link (web).
    Health Check Report link on the web.
  4. Tap Export (iOS) or the share icon (Android) in the top right corner or click the Export button (web).
    Health check export link on iOS.Health check report share icon on Android.Health check report export button on the web.

Attention Safari Users: Currently there is a known issue where health check exports requested in Safari web browsers are missing the .csv extension in the filename, which prevents the file from being opened in the correct format. Until this issue can be resolved, please edit the filename and add .csv to the end in order to open the export spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can request the export using the mobile app, then email the file to yourself and access it from a computer.