Registration Installment Payments FAQ’s for Administrators

Can I still turn on installment payments after registration has started?

Yes, installment payments can be turned on at any time, though the option will only be available to new registrants. Participants that have already registered but want to use installments would need to have their original registration canceled so they can re-register and select installments.

We use PayPal, do our registrants need a PayPal account to sign up for an installment payment plan? (PayPal use applies only to organizations outside of U.S./Canada)

Yes, although one-time payments through PayPal do not require an account, installment payment plans must be linked to a PayPal account. This allows you to automatically (and securely) collect all installments from the registrants.

Are there fees for using installment payments?

Installment payments are subject to the same payment processing fees as single full-balance payments, which can be passed to registrants if desired.

Can I customize the installment payment plan on my registration form?

Yes, you can set the total number of installments, the frequency of the payments, and a deposit amount if desired. For installment plans that you select the number of installments for, the dates that payments are processed depend on when a registration is completed. If you set up a custom installment plan, you can choose specific dates for each installment payment.

Attention: Custom installment deposit amounts are always applied per participant entered on a form and will apply even if a participant does not have selected fees.

Can families sign up multiple players (e.g. siblings) and set up a single installment payment plan to pay their fees?

Yes. If multiple players are registered on the same form, their fees can be paid with one installment payment plan. However, installment payments are impossible if the total fees exceed $10,000 USD (or the equivalent in other currencies) on a single registration form.

Will my registrants still have the option to pay their fees in one lump sum if they want?

Absolutely. Registrants will always have the option to make a one-time payment for the full amount. One-time payments also do not require having a PayPal account to pay (for organizations outside the U.S. and Canada using PayPal).

Can I schedule a specific date for installment payments to process?

Specific installment dates can be selected by choosing Custom when setting up an installment plan.

How can I apply a cash or check payment toward a registrant’s balance?

To apply an offline payment, click on the "Apply Payment" button when viewing the participant's registration details. If it is for an installment plan, you will be asked which installment plan payment the offline payment should be applied to.

Can I change the installment dates and still have the payments automatically processed?

You can edit the dates, but the payment will not process automatically unless the registrant confirms the date change. When installment dates are changed by an admin, the registrant must confirm the payment processing. This is because the new installment dates are not a part of the original registration installment plan they agreed to.

The installment plan shows a total amount due for registrants at checkout.

If your scheduled installment dates have passed, the sum of all installments (including any set deposit) will be expected at checkout. Editing the installment plan dates will adjust the dates for new registrants to complete the form but will not impact any registrations in progress.

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