Adding staff members

Attention: This article is for organization administrators on TeamSnap for Business. Check your version at the bottom of your organization screen.

Staff can be added as soon as the organization account is created, but staff members who will be set up with the Program Admin or Program Coordinator roles (admins restricted to managing specific programs) cannot be added until the program structure is set up

  1. Log into your organization account.
  2. Click the Staff tab.
  3. Click + New Staff.

    Fill out the staff member information.

    Select the desired role.

    1. For Organization Admins, the default permissions are access to the whole organization. This cannot be changed.

      For Program Admins or Coordinators, you will select the program that the staff member will have administrative access to.

      1. Program admins have full access to the program they are assigned to.
      2. Program coordinators have limited access to their assigned program (no access to financials, registration, or invoicing).
      3. Division coordinators have limited access to their assigned division (no access to other divisions in the program, financials, registration, or invoicing).
    2. You can add multiple roles to a single staff member.
  1. Click Invite.

Once invited, staff information cannot currently be edited, only deleted. When a staff member accepts their invitation, they are granted sole editing access to their name and email, while the organization owner can continue to edit the assigned roles and permissions. 

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