Add a sports organization team

Attention: This article is for organization administrators on TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues and TeamSnap for Business. Check your version at the bottom of your organization screen.

Important: Do NOT click on the +Create New Team or Group button from the dashboard next to My Teams. That will create an independent team outside of your organization and cannot be moved after it has been created.

  1. Access your organization.
    1. Steps for TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues:
      1. Log into your account at
      2. Click the organization name under the My Organizations section of your TeamSnap dashboard.
      3. Click the Divisions tab
      4. Click the division where the teams will be added (If divisions are not being used skip this step).
        1. If applicable, click the subdivision where the teams will be added.
    2. Steps for TeamSnap for Business: 
      1. Log into your account at
      2. Click Programs.

      3. Click the destination program.
      4. Click the destination season.
      5. Click the division you will be creating the teams for.
  2. Click Add Teams.
  3. Enter team name(s) and other available team information.
    1. If available, enter the team owner name and email. (Teams can be created without the owner name and email.)
      1. If owner name and email are entered here, they will automatically be assigned as the team owner in your team list. Otherwise, a team owner whose member profile is added at a later time will need to have an accepted team invitation before they can be assigned as the team owner.
  4. (Optional) Click Add More Teams to generate additional team fields.
  5. Click Continue when finished adding teams.
  6. Choose whether to send team owner invitations or not.
    1. If coach/team owner information was entered, you will be given the option to send invitations to join right away or to wait and send invitations later.
      1. Click Yes, Send the Invitations to send invites right away.
      2. Click No, Wait Until Later to skip this step so you can send the invites at a later time.
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