Configuring the Division module in Website Builder

The division module will present your teams in a list view grouped by division for rankings. Team names, as entered into TeamSnap, are displayed with the option to view each team's win/loss/tie record, winning percentage, and a link to that individual team’s schedule.

Attention: To use this module, you'll first need teams set up within your divisions. If you do not have any teams set up in the specific division you're adding the module for, the module will get stuck in a loading loop.

  1. Log into your Website Builder site
  2. Click the site name in the top bar to go to your site
  3. Navigate to the page with the Division module
  4. Click the Page Builder button 
  5. Hover over the module's top left corner and click the wrench icon that appears

  6. Under the General tab:
    1. Select the division you'd like displayed with the module in the Division drop-down
      1. To display your full organization structure select your organization name
    2. Select whether to display the Schedule link
      1. If this link is displayed, clicking this link next to a team will take users to a page to view that individual team's schedule 
  7. Under the Standings tab:
    1. Select whether to display division standings or not
    2. Select to display or hide standings columns including place, wins, losses, ties, points for/against, and points abbreviation to display
    3. Select standings sorting columns including default sort column, winning percentage, and total points
  8. Click Save
  9. Click Done at the top right corner of your site
  10. Click Publish Changes
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