Configuring the Registration Module in Website Builder

The registration module connects with your TeamSnap forms. You can select which registration form you’d like to display from the drop-down menu and this module will display the form title, how many spots have been filled, how many spots are open, whether the registration is open or closed, the open and close dates and, of course, a button that links to the actual registration.

Within the registration module settings, you can select exactly what you would like to display. For example, if spots filled aren’t important because you don't have a capacity limit on the form, you can simply choose not to display registration limits within the Status tab of the module's settings.

If you’d like, you can enter a custom title to override the official form title that is entered in TeamSnap.

There is also a space to write a description. Often, sports organizations will use this space to display pre-requisite information to prepare registrants to complete the form, such as any fees associated with registration or if there are documents needed to prepare and complete the registration.

  1. Log into your Website Builder site
  2. Click the site name in the top bar to go to your site
  3. Navigate to the page with the module in question
  4. Click the Page Builder button 
  5. Hover over the module's top left corner and click the wrench icon that appears

  6. Under the General tab:
    1. Select the form you'd like to display in the Registration Form drop-down
    2. Select whether to display the form title or enter an optional custom title
    3. Enter a description if desired
  7. Under the Status tab:
    1. Select whether to display the status of the form (open/closed)
    2. Select whether to display the registration limit, if set
    3. Select whether to display the opening and/or closing dates for registration
  8. Under the Button tab:
    1. Enter optional custom text for the button when registration is open
    2. Select whether to change the button text when registration has closed
    3. Enter optional text for when registration is closed and/or enter a URL to send users to once registration has closed and they click the button
    4. Select button color preferences
    5. Select button size preferences
  9. Click Save 
  10. Click Done at the top right corner of your site
  11. Click Publish Changes
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