Configuring the Schedule module in Website Builder

Use the schedule module to display your schedule from TeamSnap publicly on your website. You can display the schedule by team or division, and include location information.

  1. Log into your Website Builder site
  2. Click the site name in the top bar to go to your site
  3. Navigate to the page with the module in question
  4. Click the Page Builder button 
  5. Hover over the module's top left corner and click the wrench icon that appears

  6. Under the General tab:
    1. Select whether you would like to display division or team level schedules
    2. Select the divisions or teams to display
      1. Select the organization name to display the full org schedule if you've selected to display divisions
    3. Select whether to display games, events, past games and events, canceled games and events, results, the default header, etc
    4. Select whether to paginate events
      1. If no, the events will all be listed on a single page
      2. If yes, an additional setting will appear to select how many events to display per page
    5. Select the preferred display order of events
  7. Click Save 
  8. Click Done at the top right corner of your site
  9. Click Publish Changes
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