Organization calendar

The organization calendar feature displays a weekly overview of all scheduled events associated with your organization in TeamSnap. Whether it’s games, practices, or other general events, you can view your organization-wide schedule in one convenient location.

Feature overview

The calendar displays events at the organization level, providing a comprehensive schedule view for organization staff.

All staff members with organization-level permissions have access to the new calendar page at the organization level and can see the events associated with their assigned roles and permissions.

Events on the calendar are pulled from all scheduling sources within your organization:

  • Team schedules
  • Season schedules
  • TeamSnap Scheduler
  • TeamSnap Tournaments for connected tournament organizations

Navigate the weekly view by using the arrows above the calendar. The calendar displayed the week that includes the current date by default, and you can navigate between weeks using the arrows above the calendar. The week view is Monday through Sunday, 6 AM to 11 PM.

Scheduled events can be clicked to view additional event details, including the event source.

When three or more events start on the same day at the same time, they are grouped to avoid visual clutter.

Unpublished and archived events are not displayed on the calendar.

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