Migration to TeamSnap for Business: What to expect

Registration forms: All registration forms from migrated historical seasons will be accessible in the Registration tab of TeamSnap for Business accounts. Active forms will appear under the Active tab, while retired forms will be listed in the Retired tab. Migrated forms can be duplicated for new TeamSnap for Business seasons, but new forms cannot be added to historical seasons.

Financial Reporting: Financial data for payment transactions and outstanding balances will be available under the organization's Financials tab for new and old seasons. However, those with commissioner permissions from historical seasons in TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues won’t have access to view financial data unless they’re added as staff in TeamSnap for Business. 

Currently, account balances and credits are not migrated with members. Discounts and adjustments that need to be made to any new registration forms created in TeamSnap for Business will need to be manually applied to member balances.

Member migration: TeamSnap for Business automatically creates member records for each unique member that does not already exist. Member details and previous team and/or division assignments are maintained. Contact information from TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues won’t overwrite existing TeamSnap for Business profiles.

Scheduled Events: The organization calendar will display past and future scheduled events from the migrated data.

Historical Seasons Program: Upgraded organizations will find a unique "Historical Seasons" program in their account, containing all migrated seasons. Accessible to the organization owner and admins with administrative permissions in TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues, this program cannot be edited or deleted, and new seasons cannot be created under it.

Managing Historical Seasons: The “Historical Seasons” program allows viewing and managing active seasons in a TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues view while the TeamSnap for Business structure is established. However, new seasons cannot be created or edited within the historical view. Once ready, historical seasons can be archived in TeamSnap for Business.

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