Custom rules for registration questions

Attention: The steps in this article apply to TeamSnap for Business accounts upgraded to the latest version of registration identified by the lefthand navigation and streamlined wizard experience.

Custom rules enable dynamic questions within a form, based on set logic. They depend on answers to prior dropdown-type questions, offering flexible pricing structures and conditional queries. Employ either AND or OR logic, though not both simultaneously within a rule set.

Leverage this for:

  • Diverse registrant data
  • Volunteer buy-outs
  • Tailored pricing for uniform/apparel sizes
  • Extra fees for tournament participation
  • Streamlining team placements with roster details

How to set up custom rules

  1. Log in to your TeamSnap for Business account.
  2. Go to your registration and open it in Edit mode.
  3. Access Form Builder > Questions & Logic.
  4. Access custom rule settings by clicking the settings gear icon beside the saved custom question.
    1. Note: New custom questions must be created and saved prior to applying custom rule settings.
  5. Scroll to the "Custom Rules" section.
  6. Click Only Show When.
  7. Choose the question whose answer(s) will form the basis of your custom rules.
  8. Specify the condition and relevant answer(s) that should trigger the display of this particular field..
  9. Optional: Choose whether to use AND or OR logic to add additional conditions to the rule. Remember, you can't use both AND and OR in the same rule set.
  10. Click Save.

Quick recap: Custom rules in TeamSnap for Business registration

Custom rules enhance form flexibility, tailoring experiences based on user responses and either AND or OR logic. They can be set up to support diverse data collection, volunteer buy-outs, size-based pricing, tournament fees, and streamlined team placements.

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