Managing capacity limits and waitlists

TeamSnap for Business users with the latest registration version have the ability to set capacity limits for each registration option, ensuring efficient management of participant numbers.

Here's how to establish these limits and manage waitlisted participants:

How to set up capacity limits and waitlists

  1. Access the registration in Edit mode.
  2. Navigate to Registration Options > Capacity Limit & Waitlist.
  3. Select 'Option-based capacity limits' from the dropdown to access the registration options.
  4. Toggle the 'Capacity limit' to ON for each option and set the maximum spots available.
  5. Choose 'Do not allow checkout' to cap registration or 'Allow participant to join waitlist'.

Managing waitlisted participants

Once participants are on waitlists and spots open up, you can easily manage the waitlist status for individuals from your registration form management screen. Participants on the waitlist can be assigned to a roster, so it is essential to update the waitlist status when you are moving a waitlisted participant to the roster in order to send the registration invoice to complete payment.

  1. Click the Registration tab.
  2. Click the name of the registration you will be managing the waitlist for.
  3. Add the 'Waitlist Status' column by clicking Manage Columns.

  4. Filter the view based on specific statuses using the "All Waitlist Status" dropdown.
    1. If the filter dropdowns are not visible, click the Filter button.
    2. Status definitions:
      1. Waitlisted: The participant is currently on the waitlist.
      2. Offer Extended: The waitlisted participant has been offered an open spot.
      3. Offer Accepted: The waitlisted participant has accepted the offer.
      4. Enrolled: The participant has been moved from the waitlist to the roster.
      5. Released: The participant has declined the offer or has been removed from the waitlist.

  5. Hover over the three-dot button to access waitlist management options for individuals.

  6. Choose the desired action for waitlisted participants.
  7. Accepted participants who also accept their offer automatically receive an invoice for any fees due.

Quick recap: Capacity limit and waitlist management

Effortlessly manage registrations and waitlists using capacity limits and waitlists in TeamSnap for Business's latest registration version. By efficiently controlling participant numbers for each registration option and handling waitlist statuses, both organizers and participants can enjoy a seamless registration experience.

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