Importing team schedules

Team and organization administrators importing schedules team-by-team, utilize our team schedule import template or create your own CSV file to import.
*Do not user this template for division or organization-level imports.

Formatting guidelines

  • The first row serves as column headings for mapping data. Ensure column headings match the schedule's fields for proper import.
  • Date Format: MM/DD/YYYY; adjust Team Settings accordingly.
  • For international date formats, switch to MM/DD/YYYY before importing and revert after completion.
  • Start/End Time: HH:MM AM/PM.
  • Arrival Time: Minutes prior to start time (e.g., 30).
  • Distinguish between practices and game events by omitting the opponent for practices; the absence of an opponent will label the event as a practice.

Importing steps

  1. Access the Schedule tab and click Import > Schedule from File.

  2. Click Choose File, select the file from your computer and click Open.
  3. Map the data to the correct fields and fix any import errors by editing the fields directly.

  4. Notify roster member of schedule updates if needed.

  5. Click Save Schedule to complete the import.

Post-import review

Review the imported schedule under the  Schedule tab for accuracy. For corrections, edit individual event details for minimal changes or delete games and re-import the file for more widespread updates.

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