Eligibility rules and auto-roster with registration

Eligibility for participants is determined by the eligibility rules that are set up for each option, which can include having their birthdate fall into a specific date range or gender (for programs that have gender-specific eligibility).

Along with these eligibility rules, auto-rostering is a feature within registration forms that allows you to assign a rostering destination to each registration option. This ensures participants are automatically placed in the designated division or team upon registration.

These settings are located within a registration form under the Registration Options section > Eligibility and Rostering.

Set up eligibility rules

  1. To set eligibility rules for an option, switch the toggle for the desired rule ON.
  2. Set the date range for the eligible birthdates.
  3. Set the gender for gender criteria.
    1. Participants who do not meet one or both of the rules that are set for an option will not be able to register for it.

Set up auto-rostering

  1. To set auto-rostering for an option, switch the toggle ON.
  2. Select the division or team destination where you want participants for the registration option should be rostered to.
    1. Rostering to a division means that you will at some point need to move participants using our drag-and-drop feature to assign participants to teams.
    2. You have the option to have the system place participant placements in a "Pending" status when they are being rostered to a team, which means that participants won't know they have been rostered and won't be able to access their teams until you have published the roster assignments.

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