How to export registration and invoicing transactions in TeamSnap for Business

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  1. Navigate to the Financials page at the organization level
  2. Select the Transactions tab
  3. Adjust the date filter in the top right corner to display transaction results for the applicable date range
    1. Payment Date: The day the transaction occurred
    2. Deposit Date: The day in which the organization can expect to see their money in their bank account

      Important Note - This is an estimated deposit date. The payment processor (Stripe) sends the payout to the organization’s bank and the bank responds with a success message, but the bank will then process the deposit. Stripe estimates the deposit date based on when the success message was received.

  4. Add any other filters that might be applicable to the transaction details
  5. Choose the “Export” option above and to the right of the results table
  6. The exported CSV file will direct download to the user’s device and include the following columns:
    1. Payment Date
    2. Program
    3. Source - Name of Reg Form or Invoice
    4. Source Type - Registration or Invoice
    5. Member(s)
    6. Status - Paid, Unpaid, Refunded, Partial Refund
    7. Gross
    8. Net
    9. Est Deposit Date
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