How to delete (cancel) a registration entry in TeamSnap for Business

  1. Login to TeamSnap for Business
  2. Click on Registration in the left navigation

  3. Click the name of the registration form for the registration entry you want to delete (cancel).
  4. Find the table row for the specific registration entry you want to remove and click the ellipsis (...) on the far right of the screen, select Order Details.

  5. On the resulting Orders page, select the Overview tab and click the ellipsis (...) on the right side of the screen, click Cancel.
    1. Note: Canceling the selected fee(s) does not refund any payments. Refunds must be processed as a separate step. If canceling all fees and adjustments for the order the participant's status will be updated to “Canceled”. This will exclude the registration entry from the count of registered participants. Optionally, you can delete the roster profile that was created for the participant so that they cannot be rostered to a team in that season.
  6. Click “Yes, Cancel” to cancel the fees and the registration entry.
    1. Warning! This action cannot be undone. If done by mistake or you want to reverse the cancellation, you will need to have the participant register again.

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