How to use drag/drop rostering

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  1. Navigate into a season
  2. Go to the Rostering page - see some helpful notes below
    1. Creating Participants - Participants are made available to roster via Registration, Import, or adding participants manually via the Participant page
    2. Roster Profiles - Every participant must have at least one roster profile to appear on this page. 
    3. Multiple Teams - If the participant needs to be assigned to more than one team then they need more than one roster profile. Roster profiles can be copied via the Participant page. The participant will show on the Rostering page multiple times once their roster profile has been copied. 
  3. Apply filters to see available participants to roster. This page will initially NOT load results, but clicking the Apply Filter button will load participant information (even if no filters have been applied)
    1. Fun Fact - Applying filters before loading participants helps organizations narrow down the results listed on this page, as well as helps with system performance. The more participants in the season, without filters applied, the slower this page may be to load. 
  4. Before assigning participants to teams, pick the rostering mode that works best for this phase of the season rostering process - Instant or Builder
    1. Instant Mode makes your roster assignments instantly available to the members and the team. They will have immediate access to the team application when they next log in and teammates will be able to see this participant on the roster. 
    2. Builder Mode allows organizations to build out roster and change assignments without notifying any participants. When rosters assignments are completed or ready to be viewed by participants, the organization staff can publish these roster assignments. 
  5. Make sure you have selected the right division or team you want to assign participants
  6. Select participants listed in the left
    1. Select a individual participant and drag them from the left to the teams listed on the right to assign them to a team or division
    2. Use the available checkboxes or hold “shift” on your keyboard to select multiple participants, then drag and drop them to a team
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have completed your desired roster assignments
  8. [Builder Mode] Don’t forget to publish your changes if applicable

Helpful Videos

Here are some additional videos that might be helpful to watch to learn more about member profiles, roster profiles, and general rostering actions. 


⏯️Member Profiles

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