How parents update payment information for installment plans

If a registrant makes a payment utilizing TSB Registration (Reg 2), the registrant has the ability to review the order and view/update several pieces of information. 

  • View receipt (Order Confirmation)
  • View digital agreements (if applicable)
  • Pay current amount due
  • Update payment method on file for installments

To access this page, navigate to 

  • Login using the credentials used to register for the program. 
  • Find the order number in question (this can be found in your confirmation email)
  • Click “Order Confirmation” to view the receipt
  • Click “Digital Agreements” to view digital documents associated with the registration
  • Click the “>” to open up the payment schedule
    • From here you can pay your current amount due, pay the balance, or update your payment method
    • If you chose to pay offline and would like to pay online, this can be accomplished using the “Pay Now” button

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