How to create an early bird discount

Date based discounts, sometimes referred to as “Early Bird Discounts”, can be a helpful way to manage discounted registration fees for early registrants. 

To set up a date-based or early bird discount:

  1. Navigate to your registration form.
  2. Create the fees for your event or service.
  3. Access the “Checkout Settings” chapter:
    • After the fees are created, go to the “Checkout Settings” section.
  4. Add a Discount:
    • In “Checkout Settings”, select “Discount(s)”, and then click “Add Discount”.
  5. Configure the Discount:
    • Name your discount.
    • Set the discount amount.
    • Select the fee options to which the discount will apply.
  6. For an early bird discount:
    • It's common to apply the discount automatically, but you can also choose to apply it via a discount code.
  7. Set Date-Based Validity:
    • Toggle on “Date based validity”.
    • Set the start and end dates for when you want the discount to be active.

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