How to adjust fees after registration

  1. Navigate to the registration form
  2. Find the registration that needs adjusted
  3. Scroll right to find the “...” action menu
  4. Click “Order Details”
  5. To completely remove a fee:
    1. Find the line item in question
    2. Click the “...” action menu and select “Cancel fee”
      1. Note: Canceling the selected fee(s) does not refund any payments. Refunds must be manually applied.
      2. If canceling all fees and adjustments for the order the participant's status will be updated to “Canceled”.

  1. To apply a specific adjustment
    1. Locate and select “Adjust Order” in the upper right corner
    2. Choose adjustment type and enter an amount
      1. Please note, only reducing a balance is available at this time.  To collect additional funds, we recommend issuing an invoice for the difference in amount.
      2. Note: Adjusting a fee does not refund any payments.  Refunds must be manually applied. 
      3. Optionally enter a note (this could be the reason for the adjustment)

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