Set Up Tournament Event Registration

TeamSnap Tournaments administrators can create a registration page for event sign-ups through our intuitive, easy-to-follow layout.

Note: You can set up event registration ahead of time, even if you aren’t ready to promote it just yet. 

Set Up Event Registration

  1. Log into TeamSnap Tournaments
  2. Click the Registration tab
  3. Click the Manage link below the event that registration needs to be set up for
    1. Click Add Event at the top of the list to create a new event
  4. Click Settings
    1. Select the registration type
      1. Team: Coaches will enter team information during registration and includes roster settings optionsNote: Participant information can be linked to team registration in the roster section of team registration forms
      2. Individual: Individual participants will register themselves and the roster settings portion is removed 
      3. Enter remaining settings as desired
      4. Early bird dates are not required but may be used for preferred pricing during an early registration period
      5. Standard registration dates dictate the registration form regular registration period
  5. Click Divisions
  6. Select or add division(s) eligible to register (divisions added here will be displayed in the tournament event)
  7. Click Pricing
    1. Set up registration pricing amounts (early bird pricing requires early bird registration dates to be set)
    2. Pricing is set to apply as a single cost across all divisions by default. To specify pricing per division select the Different pricing per division section (this option requires divisions to have been set up under the Divisions tab)
  8. Click Form Builder
    1. Form sections
      1. Click Add Section to add custom form sections
      2. Click trash icon next to section name to remove form section
      3. Click edit icon next to section name to edit existing section
      4. Note: Click to edit the Team Roster section to set preferences for who will be entering roster information (registering coach or individual participants via a linked individual registration form. Selecting Player or Player's Parent (email invitation) triggers an email invitation sent to players to fill out their own registration roster information)
    2. Form fields
      1. Toggle the fields to be included on the registration form, and what fields are required
        • Edit field details (label, options, tooltip, and help text) by clicking the edit icon for the desired field
    3. Custom fields
      • Click Add Field to add custom fields
      • Multiple custom fields can be added
      • Dependent custom fields can be created to be displayed dependent upon another existing custom field's answer
  9. Click Waivers
    1. Click Create Wavier to add any necessary waivers for registrants to sign
    2. If Player or Player's Parent option is selected under the Team Roster section of the form builder, you can select whether the waiver should be associated to the general team registration or the roster member registration
  10. Optional: Click Documents 
    1. Click Create Document to add any necessary document requests that registrants need to upload
    2. Toggle Is Required to ON to make the document required
    3. Toggle For Each Participant to ON to have the document upload be associated to the roster member registration rather than the general team registration
    4. Optional: Upload a blank document for registrants to fill out and upload back to the registration
    5. Optional: Toggle Is Required to OFF, if they will need to add the document after registration. Once registration is complete Team Managers and Coaches and go to to upload the completed files to their Rosters. 
  11. Click Promote to copy the unique URLs and HTML code generated in the Promote section to share registration on social media or your website
    1. You can customize the color for the headers and buttons displayed for the embedded registrations by changing the color value in the frame src to another valid 6 character hex color code 
  12. Click your organization name at the top of the screen to be returned to the registration list
  13. Click Publish below the event to set the registration page to active 

Set Up Registration Promo Codes / Discounts

  1. Log into TeamSnap Tournaments
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Click the Registration tab
  4. Scroll down to the Promo Codes / Multiple Registration Discounts section
  5. Enter your codes and discount! All discounts and codes apply to all event/tournament registration forms in your organization. 
  6. The codes you create will be able to be entered by registrants on the Checkout screen:

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