Manage Tournament Event Settings

  1.  Click the Tournaments tab
  2. Click the event name or click Manage below the event in your organizational admin view
  3. Click the Settings tab
  4. Configure general settings
    1. Toggle whether rosters should be displayed or hidden in the mobile app
    2. Enter roster lock date to prevent teams from making roster changes after a certain date. This date will only lock out the teams from making edits. Tournament Admins can make edits at any time. 
    3. Enter a minimum number of players to be required when rosters are used
    4. Enter a maximum number of players to limit the number of roster spots available
    5. Select a pool naming format 
      • Letter or number per division (letter per division restarts lettering for each division pool)
        Letter per division example division 1 pools Letter per division example division 3 pools Number per division pools
      • Letter per pool (continues lettering pools through all divisions)
        Letter per pool example division 1 pools Letter per pool example division 3 pools
    6. Select team identifier format
      • Pool Name with Team Order in Pool
      • Unique Alphanumeric Code Across All Divisions
      • Unique Number Across All Divisions
    7. Toggle pool protection on or off
  5. Enter schedule setting details
    • If your event does not use pool play or bracket play, mark playoff length minutes as 0 (zero)
    • For tournaments, select the daily start and end times your event will run
      Note: It is important to ensure the daily schedule accommodates the length and number of games scheduled in each round. The end time will be the time that the last game ends, not when the last game is scheduled to begin.
      • Example: If you have four rounds of games scheduled to play one day beginning at 12:00 PM and your game length is 60 minutes, you will need to set the schedule that day from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
    • For leagues, select the days league play will take place each week
      • Select the start time slots for each day and division/venue details
      • Enter blackout dates and venue blackout dates if applicable
  6. Enter scoring setting preferences
    • Enter Max Goal Differential
    • Toggle Choose Bracket Game Winners ON/OFF
    • Toggle Allow Coaches to Enter Scores ON/OFF
  7. Check whether your tournament uses point system for standings, assigning points to wins, losses, ties, etc. This is most commonly used in soccer or hockey.
  8. Define team standings
    1. If you checked the Point System box, you need to select that teams are ranked by Point System. Otherwise, select Win Percentage.
  9. Determine how tied teams are ranked by dragging and ordering tie-breakers in the right-hand column from the top down

Now, you’re ready to set up divisions.

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