Assign Teams to Pools


Tournament directors can generate pools for their event in less than 60 seconds using TeamSnap Tournaments. Within your tournament:

Note: The system requires pools for every division. If you will not be playing pool play (round robin) games, simply place all teams into a single pool.

  1. Click the Pools menu item on the left
  2. Drag and drop your teams into pools on the right, or Click the Auto Assign Teams to Pools button:

  3. Enter the number of pools
  4. Enter the number of pool play games required per participant
  5. Select whether you want teams from the same city in different pools
  6. Click Assign Teams, and voila!

You now have pools created with teams assigned. (In the example below, we created three pools–A, B and C.)  You can always do a manual override by dragging and dropping the teams into a different pool if needed.

Now you’re ready to generate match-ups for the teams in your pools.