Set Up Tournament Pool Play Games


After creating your pools, creating a matchup between teams is fast and easy with TeamSnap Tournaments. You can even take the headache out of figuring out who needs to play who with auto-generated pool games. You can either specify the number of pool games you want to create for each team, or it will create all matchups between every team in the pool. You can also specify if you want to allow cross-pool games. 

Creating Pool Matchups: The How To Step-by-Step

  1. Click the Games menu item on the left
  2. Drag and drop teams from pools into the matchup areas or Click the Auto Generate Pool Games

  3. Enter the number of pool games desired, or leave blank to generate all matchups
  4. Click the Auto Generate Pool Games button
  5. Matchups for each team will be indicated by a number icon by the team name
  6. Drag and drop teams to matchup boxes to create additional pool games
  7. Matchups are displayed at the bottom of the screen
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