Creating Event Brackets

TeamSnap Tournaments allows you to set up and name brackets for your tournament or league. You can also add additional brackets or a consolation game for your event. Brackets are set up for each division, and multiple brackets per division are possible.

Create a Bracket

  1. Click Manage under the event name in the organization admin view
  2. Click the Bracket tab
  3. Select the division you need
  4. Select No Bracket, Bracket, or Championship Games
    Note: If you switch between no bracket, bracket, and championship game after setting up a bracket, any information you have created will be wiped out
  5. Select the bracket template you want to use
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Template

Source a Bracket

  1. Click Select Source for each bracket spot to choose how teams are placed in the bracket
    1. Pool outcome
      1. Select pool
      2. Select seed
    2. Team name
      1. Select team
    3. Winner
      1. Select game
    4. Loser
      1. Select game
  2. Click Save
  3. Optional: Click the pencil icon to edit how teams advance along the bracket
  4. Optional: Click Add Additional Bracket to add more brackets to your event 
  5. Optional: Click Add Consolation Game to add a consolation game bracket to your event 
Tip: Consolation Games are the only games that can not be selected as a Winner or Loser source for other brackets. To add a game that can be selected, you can add a single game bracket by clicking "+ Add Additional Bracket."

Publish a Bracket

We recommend publishing your brackets as soon as possible before the event start date. Any changes made to your brackets after publishing will automatically update within the app.

  1. Click Publish Event Brackets in the upper right corner of the screen when your bracket(s) are ready to publish all division brackets
    1. Click Unpublish Event Brackets to unpublish the brackets
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