Send a Message In TeamSnap Tournaments

In TeamSnap Tournaments, you can send messages to your administrative members, coaches, and event and division/team followers. Here's how:

  1. Click the Messages tab
  2. Click Create Message
  3. Select message recipients:
    • Admin = admin and scorekeepers listed under your Organization Users tab here. This selection will not message your "Is Coaches":150201accd0224cb7af3ef828d0518c9.png  
    • Assigners = Admin under the Users tab who have been given 'Assigner' role.
    • Scorekeepers = Admin under the Users tab who have been given 'Scorekeepers' role.
    • Coaches = All roster members in an event with the check mark "is coaches." This does not include organization admin. 
    • Event-Followers = Anyone who has downloaded the Tournaments mobile app, and is following your event. Event-Followers who are using the app "as a guest" can receive in-app messages. Event-followers who have an account can receive a copy of the message as an email as well.
    • Assigners can also select  Event Officials or All Officials as recipients.  These options only show up for members with the Assigners role. They can select to message either All Officials or just Event  Officials, and can also filter down by adding the tag/ability that the officials are tagged with in order to target the message to those with matching tags.
  4. Enter subject
  5. Enter message content
  6. Add attachment if desired
  7. Check to enable push notifications if desired
  8. Click Send Message

Sent messages are listed in the messages tab for future reference.

To learn more about Tournaments member types, click HERE!

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